Our Services

Cycle Centre is a repair based business, although we still do sell new and sometimes second hand bikes, we pride ourselves on our servicing.

In our fully equipped workshop our experienced mechanics can do everything from small general repairs to suspension fork/shock servicing and rebuilds (all in house, including Cannondale Lefty and Headshok), custom bike builds, custom wheel builds, and even restorations of vintage bikes (including custom paint, frame restorations, repairs and modifications). We are experienced in service and repairs on electronic shifting systems such as Shimano Di2, Campagnolo EPS and SRAM eTap.

Here is a guide for some of the servicing we provide.
We also offer smaller, more specific services and repairs, feel free to contact us for more information.


Adjust front and rear brakes
Adjust front and rear derailleurs
Lubricate chain
Lubricate cables
Check all bearings (hubs, bottom bracket, headset, etc.)
Check and torque all bolts and fittings
Test ride bike to ensure smooth and silent riding

$139.00 PLUS PARTS

This service incorporates all that is done in The basic service plus
Check, adjust and re grease bottom bracket, headset and hubs
Remove and clean chain, then re-lube.
True front and rear wheels
Remove clean re grease and torque all bolts
Clean bike.

$199.00 PLUS PARTS

With the rising popularity of electronic assist bicycles we are proud to offer a specific service for them. This service includes everything that we do in a standard service, the extra charge is due to the increased complexity and extra care needed due to the power assist systems.
Please note: We will only do work on street legal power assist bikes of reasonable quality.

$299.00 PLUS PARTS

This service incorporates all that is done in The standard service plus,
Strip down the complete bike back to frame.
Bathe and clean all components.
Blow dry with compressed air.
Reassemble with all appropriate greases and lubricants.
Re-tension and true wheels.
Includes free gear/brake tune ups, up to 3 month after service for trouble free riding.
This service is recommended for serious riders, particularly those who race or commuters who ride in all conditions.

We also offer the following services and many others

  • Wheel building
  • Suspension and dropper servicing
  • Custom builds
  • Spoke replacement and wheel truing
  • Shimano crank inspections
  • Bosch, Mahl and Shimano E-bike diagnosing and software updates
  • Brake bleeding and rebuilding
  • Restorations